Thursday, July 10, 2008

Birthday Wish - the last one for a little while...

Well so if you are getting tired of all the birthday wishes, just know that I'm most likely only doing it for this year.  It has been a fun way for me to make a small connection with our family to the individual on their day and so please have patience!  This is a small reflection of how blessed our family is!  If you think this is crazy, imagine two years ago when we were 1 out of 5 families on Neal's side to be expecting a baby.  Out of the 5 babies born that summer, 4 were given A names.  Out of the 5 babies 4 were boys and were all born within 2 weeks of each other!  So it was a pretty busy summer! 

From L to R: Baby A, S, Aedan, and A (birthday boy).  Does that clear things up? :) Pic taken Nov 2006, all roughly 5 months old.  We will always treasure this picture - too many kissable kids bunched together!

Well today we honor the last of the 4 boys born within that 2 week time.  Nephew/cousin A, Happy Birthday!   It is fun to see how much Aedan enjoys his company and who can resist this little gentleman? (Oh I love his hair!) 

Aedan and A at the Orpheum Museum whisper dish, May 2008

Two boys with a common interest - trains and planes and things that go!


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