Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Double Birthday Wishes

Happy Birthday (July1st & July 2nd) to this fabulous couple, bil/uncle G and sis/sil/auntie M! (Ha, I just realized that looks funny, "Auntie M!, Auntie M!" Sorry to compile your bday wish into one post but 1)we've had loads of bdays lately, 2) I love this picture of them together and thought we may as well combine it. They are celebrating their bday just like Neal remembers they used to when they were kids - on the road and with a twinkie cake.

We've had a lot of fun and "fun" experiences with them as of late (don't worry, post to come) and we are so glad it was all time well spent with them! We are grateful to live so close to them and they are just as crazy and wild as their picture (ok maybe not). Have a great day kiddos!

Here they are, dressed as Peace and Quiet for Halloween 2006. I thought it was a funny idea!

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  1. That picture is just too good!!

    Oh, how I love them!


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