Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Birthday Wishes

Happy Birthday to mom/grandma M!  Aedan and I missed our chance to talk to her over the phone to wish her a happy bday as she is already off working at the St Louis LDS Temple, even on her very own birthday!  Since we live fairly close to Aedan's grandparents he has had good opportunity to get to know them better and I find it kind of funny, even the way he says their names 'grandma' and 'grandpa' has an added tone that reflects the feelings they invoke in him - when he says 'grandpa' it is with either feelings of "this guy takes the cake" or total awesomeness to feelings of silliness or of trying to be an energetic goofball.  That says 'grandpa'.  But when he says 'grandma' it is always with the same sweet tone that seems to imply that he just received a wonderful hug or something to that effect.  He gets excited to see pictures of her and now that we made a Mii for her, he spots her in the crowd and shouts, "That's grandma! Good job grandma!"  My favorite memories from my handful of years knowing her all have to do with books and book sales, or listening to her latest hoedown style renditions of hymns from the LDS Hymn book.  Because of her, I can no longer listen to "In Our Lovely Deseret" without feeling the need to get up and dance! I also have many memories of trying and usually failing to get a photograph of her as she does not like to get her picture taken so this one will have to do!

Grandma M and Aedan, Christmas time 2007

Happy Birthday M! We love you!

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