Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Corn Utopia

Ahhh... corn... It has been a kind of a weird family tradition to attend the local Sweet Corn Festival that is held every year in the later part of August. Every year seems not quite as good as the year before but we still go. The corn seemed exceptionally good this year though but I miss the days when they would do fire roasted cobs with optional toppings. Well all we really do is go and get our corn on the cob (which used to be shipped in from another state, go figure), eat it, spend more money on treats to cool us down, walk around and look, from a safe distance, at all the crafts for sale, and then we go home. There are so many other things going on, bands, performers, inflatable fun places, etc. but Aedan is still a little young for all of that.

It always seems to be very hot on the day we go to the festival. Helps us appreciate those sno cones a little better. Aedan found a big tractor train that reminded him of Trevor (Thomas train friend) and so we ate our cobs nearby.

I never knew that there were machines that actually cut and husk the corn. Now if they can only make a counter top model...

This was our first year actually going to the car show portion of the festival and we went thinking Aedan would love it since he is really into Disney Cars now. He fell asleep before we could really get far. Oh well.

Small town festivals are kind of funny to me and there is one that we haven't been to for quite a while but is coming up next week so stay tuned... it is quite the spectacle believe me!


  1. Looks like yummy corn! Aedan's little hot red cheeks are so cute :) I love going to funny small-town fairs. They are such simple pleasures. Tony and I haven't been to a fair yet this season. I think we're due!

  2. Looks like a fun time! I love little fairs like this...it's not summertime without them!

  3. The cheese festival! The cheese festival! We are going on Saturday- our very favorite. We've never made it to the sweet corn festival before, though.

  4. nope, not the cheese festival. Think bigger and even more bizarre...

  5. Seriously? Bigger? You have to tell me what it is so that we can go! Email me if you don't want to disclose on here...

  6. My landlord is in charge of that festival. We've wandered by and wondered about paying for roasted corn, but never did. Silly me!


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