Wednesday, September 3, 2008

This, Our Town of Halloween

I can't hold it in anymore - I tend to think of Halloween early in the year.  I think maybe this year I started thinking about it in March.  I never really got into the scary bit of Halloween though.  Oh sure, I love decorating in black and cobwebs, I love the Haunted Mansion, etc. But some people get into the gorey gross stuff and I just can't stand the thought of scaring little kids so I have refrained from that side of Halloween.  As a result, all of my costumes have been on the chipper side - princesses, cartoons, etc.  Well my mind has been on what we should dress up as a family so I'll share our past family pics and if you feel you need to skip it at least scroll down to the bottom to view our ideas for this year:
2006 Olive Oyl, Swee' Pea, and Popeye.  All handmade except for a few additions from Goodwill and Neal's hat and pipe were purchased.  I made Neal's muscles out of paper mache balloons.  He couldn't really hold Aedan that night but the muscles sure seemed to attract other kids.
Aedan made a very cute Swee' Pea.  My favorite was his hat using a pattern from Wild Things (free and adjustable for any size)
2007 Black Queen, Pawn, and King chess pieces.  Again with the paper mache... This time it was the hats.  You can't quite see it but each costume has a cutout of the chess piece shape stitched on. 
I like Neal's boot covers (purchased online)

So I really enjoy costuming and I think that is the only reason I choose to sew.  I am not a very good seamstress and if you look too closely at these costumes you might notice oodles of mistakes.  That's why I don't make the everyday wear stuff I guess.  Neal calls it my creative outlet, I call it my secret obsession.  I like costuming because a) dressing up is fun!, b) I am never satisfied with store bought costumes and I can do what I want by making them myself, c) it really isn't too much more expensive (sometimes cheaper) than rental ones which are a step up from store bought usually, d) I like being someone I'm not for a change. 
So this year, in hopes that you don't steal all my ideas (just kidding) I am going to give the power to the people and put it to a vote.  Here are some ideas, maybe I'll put up a poll on the sidebar for everyone to vote all month long.  Here we go...

OPTION #1: I thought I'd get this one out of the way first as someone in our family thinks it is too girly... Rainbow Brite, a Sprite, and Buddy Blue or Red Butler (I had to look the boy names up...).  I know what you are thinking, but rest assured, I know I could do it without involving hair dye... I'm just excited about potentially owning moon boots again.

OPTION #2: Since Gene Wilder is Neal's celeb look-alike, I thought we ought to do this one someday... Violet Beuregarde or a Wonka Bar, Oompa Loompa, and Willie Wonka.  I mean, the candy theme is a given, but I'm still trying to think how to get myself blown up that big...

OPTION #3: I Peter Pan has been done soooo many times but I've always wanted to do this.  Tiger Lily, Captain James Hook, and Peter Pan.  Aedan would be more than happy to sword fight at this age and I have always wanted to make a Hook costume with all the frilly details.  The only problem is whether or not people will think I'm Pocahontas...

OPTION #4: Mulan, Mushu, Captain Shang.  I have an umbrella....

OPTION #5: Neal has mentioned this one in the past but I think it is because Jasmine is his favorite princess... Jasmine, Aladdin, and Abu.  Of course, I will need to make things modest...

OPTION #6: I know this would be fun... Wall E, Eve, and the little bug friend.  I don't know if I could do this one maskless though for a church costume party. 

OPTION #7: I sure loved this movie... Kung Fu Panda, Shifu, and the Tigress.  Oh man, I can just imagine the work on the face alone... better get sparring...

That is it for now.  I have a bunch of other ideas but our current circumstances won't allow them at this time (ie. need more kids or more money).  All in all, I'd say I've got too many ideas and I'm glad you are going to decide for me... I'll put up the poll so don't forget to vote.  Oh and disclaimer * In the event that I am too busy or that I find out we are not having a ward costume party (does anyone know?) then I most likely won't make costumes this year and just use old ones.  No harm done.


  1. I love the Rainbow Brite idea and the Willie Wonka too! Good luck!

  2. Your costumes literally are the greatest. I always like to do fun things with the kids. I have too many ideas though is the problem. I would love to see you guys to Willy Wonka theme. That would be fun. Good luck with whatever, Andy kind of dreads Halloween when my sewing machine comes out. Although this year, I am pretty sure it just won't!

  3. You seriously always have the best ideas! I'm looking forward to Halloween this year since we'll actually be in the US. Now I just need to come up with some ideas that will accommodate my belly...

  4. I am so sad that I won't be able to spend Halloween with you guys this year :( I really like the Willie Wonka Idea...Neal would make a great Willie Wonka. I bet a few hoola skirts would do the trick for the blueberry bit. I can't wait to see pics!!!

  5. I can just see you in the Willy Wonka theme, although the Aladdin theme seemed fun too (I've always wanted to put Danny in a monkey costume :)). You do such a great job!

  6. cooking, sewing, blogging, tooooooo much talent for one person

  7. I think you should do the Peter Pan them, then Clarissa can be your Tinker Bell, she already has the costume.

  8. So, Neal has a favorite princess. Hmmm. I guess I've never asked myself that question :)

  9. Hi Jackie! I love your blog, and am in awe of your costuming skills. It makes my idea of a pumpkin patch seem pretty hokey. I'd go with Peter pan, Hook and you should be tinkerbell. Can't wait to see pictures.


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