Sunday, October 26, 2008

Birthday Wish!

Happy Birthday sil L! She is the wife of Neal's twin brother and a busy mom of 4 (you can't see #4 in this pic because he wasn't born yet) and we miss living so close to them! So, some of you may have already heard me tell this but when I first started dating Neal, his brother and family were also here in town for school. There were a few times when I was out with Neal and someone would say hi to Neal (thinking it was his twin D) and then give me a strange look like, "What are you doing holding this girl's hand who is not your wife?!" if you can imagine a look that would say that.

Another bunch of Kitchens, this time Christmas Eve 2007.

We had someone apologize to us later on because they saw Neal and I dancing at a church dance and they were appalled that who they thought was D was dancing with me all night only to find out later that there was a twin. Then when we married and started attending the same ward, Neal's twin got called to serve the singles ward and so no one saw that there were twins in our ward and only saw us sitting with L and kids in church every week. We all served in Primary at the time and one day a little girl went home and told her parents, "Brother Kitchen has a new Sister Kitchen and this one has dark hair"

Well, all that said, I'm glad that at least we can tell the difference between our husbands otherwise we'd really give people something to talk about! In all seriousness though, I am so grateful for L and her friendship and for the many things she has done for our family these past years! As it is natural for Neal to feel an extra closeness with his twin, I feel a little extra closeness with L. Maybe it is the power that comes from being wives of twins, or maybe it is the fact that we have a better understanding of what the other has to put up with ;) Happy Birthday!


  1. That is so funny! I love those stories. I also enjoyed seeing the picture of Neal's twin. I've always wondered what he looked like (they look very similar, but you can tell the difference!). Next time you guys are out in Utah, let us know! I'd love to get together again!

  2. Ah, I think that was my kid who made that "new sister kitchen" comment. Kids say the darndest things.

    Good thing I didn't confuse them any more by telling them their mom used to hold hands with brother kitchen back in college! LOL

    ps. happy bday L! We miss you guys too!


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