Monday, October 20, 2008

Fortunate Event #8 - The Henry Ford Museum

I promise this is the last post on our trip out to Michigan. We finished off our trip with a visit to The Henry Ford Museum, home to even more awesome historical collections and it is right next to Greenfield Village. Pictured left is The Henry Ford himself. Actually, I don't recall ever seeing a picture of him in any of his attractions but maybe it was because we were so distracted by everything else.

For this final MI post, I'm going to subtitle it "Can You Imagine?". If you get a chance to see this place, go. It is worth your while.

Can You Imagine...?

that we saw the first Ford vehicle ever developed, the Ford Quadricycle, made in 1896? Powered by gasoline and ran on bicycle tires. Has a three gallon fuel tank and a top speed of 20 mph.

that we stood next to the 1961 Lincoln Continental that President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in?
that we were minute compared to the huge monstrosity of a train called The Lima Allegheny (1941), supposedly the one of the largest train car ever built?
and the Allegheny was just as impressive inside.
that they would even make a ten-person safety bicycle made in 1896? Scary to think that I know some families that would be able to make full use of this bike...

that we were actually in Rosa Parks' bus, the very bus in which she refused to give up her seat?
the nerve of that Chinese girl who sat in Rosa's seat and forced the men to the back of the bus?

a little chair could make it's way into a museum just by being the chair that President Abraham Lincoln was shot in while in the Ford's Theater?

that I wish I were an Oscar Mayer weiner? Aedan wants a hot dog car (hhmmm, should have stopped at the gift shop)
that I never realized that I've always wanted to see this car until I actually saw it? I wish they were playing the Ghost Busters song in the background.
Neal relived his Indiana Jones moment? I can't believe we couldn't get a sip from that Holy Grail...
we duked it out with Darth Vader and nearly bit the dust? Can you imagine!?! Good thing the force was strong with this little one...
we drooled over the Bat Mobile?

Can you imagine what Thomas Edison's last breath sealed in a test tube looks like? I can't either because we missed that one somehow...

that we flew outta that place under the wings of a 1939 Douglas DC-3?

Can You Imagine? Now we can!


  1. oh - I am envious. That sounds like such a fun place. I would have loved to see all of those historic things!

  2. Cool museum! It's a good thing you got a lot of pics to show us :)

  3. The weiner-mobile rocks!

  4. It was so fun to see you guys. That museum is really cool. We have gone one to many times now. It nice to see it through fresh eyes.

  5. We've heard about this place from people who've done Ford internships nearby, but I've never seen so many pictures of what they had in the museum. I had no I can imagine...

  6. What an amazing museum! Who knew Michigan was such a cool place :)

  7. Wow--these are awesome pictures. I would love to go there.


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