Monday, November 10, 2008

Aedan Alert!

We bought Kung Fu Panda and watched it on Saturday. It wasn't our first time seeing it but it was just as funny. Aedan was cracking up big time in the final fight scene. I mean, we are talking extreme mirthfulness here. It was so cute. But you know that feeling that comes after watching kung fu movies? Please tell me you know what I'm talking about...

Immediately after watching the movie Aedan seemed eager to try out some "new moves" and was throwing, kicking, punching anything and everything. Sigh, my little Bruce Lee... What have we started!

Yesterday marked his first reported incident in Nursery. Apparently fighting over some toy with some other boy. And today he was telling me how he hit his cousin during the time I left him there to be babysat. Hitting is something he's struggled with for a while now and it is just getting frustrating. He's an active boy and a little one at that but really there is no good excuse for it. I'm hoping this doesn't scare you away from us because he really does love his friends and family but he is just figuring things out I guess. A chapter in our parenting struggles right now...

An old old picture I found that might explain where Aedan gets it... some of my roomies may recognize it.

I am a big fan of martial arts (hhmm when I first typed it it came out marital...) and I think it is both fun and cool but at his age it is difficult to explain it. I once got a yellow belt in Taekwondo (oh ya, cower with fear, a whoppin yellow) and I have had good friends who were literally pros and I appreciate the beauty of it all. But what to do with my little boy until he can gain an appreciation or at very least, an understanding? Apologies in advance if Aedan takes a swing at you!


  1. Very funny, Jackie. I totally know how you feel- I was mortified when Taylor went through his biting phase. Matt once came home from school to find me sitting up on the back of the couch so that Taylor couldn't "get" me.

    We haven't seen Kung Fu Panda yet, but I am sure that Taylor will mimic it, when he sees it as well. We could set up a little ring and let them go at each other... ;-)

  2. Iremember that pic! Good ol' Heritage Halls!

  3. I loved the Jackie Chan pic. Funny! I think people understand that kids go through phases no matter what the parent does... it just happens. Hang in there!


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