Sunday, December 14, 2008

Chew Chew On This

I love holiday traditions! What's yours? Last year we went gingerbread crazy and it was so good we decided to do a repeat. Instead of gingerbread houses, we here in Kitchenland make gingerbread trains. We used recipe and template from the Family Fun magazine. I've looked at other gingerbread cookie recipes before and this one seemed to appeal to me because of all the spices it uses.

The comment, "Hey, I thought gingerbread wasn't supposed to taste good" still rings in my ears after last years event so I figured it was a keeper. This stuff tasted good even weeks after it was made AND it freezes well after baked. I am going through a mini cookie cutter phase and it turns out they were perfect for the gingerbread - I could have bite-size cookies to snack on and to give away as little neighbor gifts. They make for great ornaments too!

Of course Aedan had to help. His favorite part? The flour. Wearing the flour to be exact. We'll be making them this Saturday with some local Kitchen folks so we'll post up recipe and pics then.


  1. The flour pic is the best! I can't wait to see your recipe.

  2. I've had some gingerbread that was absolute heaven... moist and unforgetable. Your creativity knows no boundaries and your energy seems limitless...


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