Sunday, December 14, 2008

Those are some fine motor skills...

I don't remember learning how to use chopsticks. I wonder how old I was? I've thought about it just about every time Aedan shows an interest in our chopsticks at the dinner table. He mostly turns them into drum sticks but today he actually tried to use them. He has a hard enough time using spoons and forks and holding crayons and such so I never really bothered to see if he could use chopsticks. He claimed he was Kung Fu Panda and dared me to eat one of his noodles...

He did okay for a few noodles and then lost interest. I've seen training chopsticks before and thought they might be fun but I'm not sure if this is way too early for him (probably is). Maybe they would make a good stocking stuffer for someone? These ones, the Chopstick Kids, are particularly cute.


  1. He is so darn cute! When I worked as a waitress at a Japanese restaurant for a few months about 6 years ago we had to learn how to make training chopsticks out of disposable chopsticks so that when kids came in we could give them their own chopsticks to use!

  2. Those training chopsticks are too cute. I want some and I already know how to use chopsticks and it' not like we ever eat with them. LOL Aedan is too cute on his first attempts.


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