Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A bit of inaugural fun today!


Obama’s poster was cool.  Ours, however, rocks the house!  Just maybe not the white house… Go to Obamicon.me to make your own. 

Today was my turn to host our little preschool group and so we did our lesson on flags/america.  We made flags, I had some patriotic books, and we talked about presidents (past and present) in a very vague manner but it was good!  We watched a little bit of the events going on today and at very least, Aedan can identify the president, even though he calls Barack Obama  “President Monson”. 


Our party wasn’t as grand as the one that went down in D.C. but it was fun!  From what I watched on tv I was impressed and I hope  and pray that this country is in for a terrific 4 years.

Here We Go!

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  1. Your party also didn't cost $150 million! :)


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