Monday, January 5, 2009

The long of it: Family Nativity

Having the family dress up for reenacting the Nativity every Christmas was big in my family growing up. It has been fun to see Aedan participate in it each Christmas in one form or another, even if it meant this...
I just had to throw in these pictures from 2006 and 2007 of Aedan.  The first is him as a wise man and he had a grand time.  The second time he was a shepherd boy but he had too much fun pulling off Mary's towel on her head. This year in our Kitchen gathering some people expressed the desire to forgo the nativity experience but how could we after President Eyring's Christmas message during the First Presidency Christmas Devotional? We opted to use my sil's puppets and the kids put on a puppet show. Sure it wasn't chaos-free but that makes it all the more fun. It was great!

photo curtesy of KP - Aedan was very excited to have the role of Joseph.  He doesn't look excited but he is.  Maybe he is in character...

And then my family came to spend Christmas with us. With only two kids, Aedan and his cousin who is all of 4 months old, my parents wanted us to do the nativity for them. When all was said and done, my parents were the only ones left in the audience as we needed everyone.

My parents are so cute!

Aedan was once again a shepherd but was unwilling to dress up for the part. All we did was dress up while the scriptures were being read aloud. It was at least worth it for the picture.


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