Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The long of it: Sew what if I put it off to the last minute?

Christmastime is the second most reliable time you will find me pulling out my sewing machine. You'd think with only using it twice a year I would have little to no problems with my machine but as I was finishing up our Halloween costumes, I began having some tension issues (in the machine, of course) and I was too scared to deal with it right away. So I was fortunate this crafty mama loaned me her machine for a weekend  for me to sew up our Christmas Eve family gift: matching sets of pajamas.

Pjs on Christmas Eve is sort of a tradition in Neal's family (as with so many others) and we decided to continue it and make it fun and do matching pjs. Last year, or was it two years ago, my sil and I braved a Black Friday sale at Joann Fabrics and loaded up on all kinds of flannel, thus making it cheaper to make our own versus buying. These pjs were made from a sort of baseball/puzzle pieces theme (for the boys sake) and the tops have our first initial on them. This year's additions were pockets to the bottoms - apparently pjs need pockets in them according to Neal but I've never needed them.  As always, drawstring waists make life so nice!

When I found out I needed some extra stockings I grabbed a pair of old pjs we were going to toss and traced out 4 adult-size stockings and 1 baby-size stocking and set to work at fixing my sewing machine. I was glad to have solved the problem by giving it a thorough clean up (thanks to Michelle and to Tracy for your help!) and sewed them up nice and quick. A quick iron-on initial labeled the cuff of each stocking and we were set.

Unbeknownst to me, after complaining about my sewing machine to my mom prior to fixing it, my parents went out and bought me a new machine for a Christmas gift. So now I have two unless I decide to try to exchange it. Not sure what to do but it is a nice predicament to be in!

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