Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Dim Sum Toyland

So some of us here have had some illness come and go and that really put a damper on my drive to cook – Aedan in particular has had a less-than-ideal sleeping schedule as of late.  I on the other hand had somehow got myself involved in helping out with our stake gold and green ball (on Valentine’s Day of all days so we’ve gotta pull out all the stops!) and, well, have you stopped reading yet?  It is kind of lame to start with excuses and I really haven’t forgotten this whole dim sum event, which by the way, if you want to enter for the giveaway you better do so quick! 


One of my items on my dim sum to-do list was to talk about dim sum for kids.  I have a soft spot for play food, something I didn’t remember having a lot of as a kid and something I’m loving playing with now as a mommy.  Then enters the idea of felt food. 

It is incredibly cheap to make and really doesn’t take a lot of time (assuming you have time to spare right?) and it is cute to boot.  I even bought the supplies to make all these cute dim sum and sushi items (idea from lilblackdog etsy shop) as part of the challenge, costing me no more than $6 for everything. 

For now I will just have to drool over these pictures and try again when life isn’t eat-sleep-gather decorations.  Here are a few fun foodie kid items that I am lovin:

imageDim Sum Food Erasers, really would you dare use them? If only they were scratch-n-sniff…



Chinese Food Playset: Probably the least appetizing of them all, it still looks fun and it would fit in nicely with all the other cheap plastic food we have.  image Yum Yum Dim Sum Board book.  Aedan likes his food books so maybe someday we’ll get this one.

imageThe idea of dressing up as sushi seems like a geeky costume but when you have a super cute kid in it, it doesn’t seem so bad… I just want to “eat him up”… and no, I’m not thinking dim sum for this year’s Halloween costumes


  1. We always seem to be on the same wave-length... I have just gotten slightly obsessed with felt food, too and am getting ready to do my first attempt... so funny. I think we were the same person in a different life... lol

  2. Soooo cute!!! I love this idea. Now to find time! :)

  3. Oh my goodness I would DIE to have one of the girls be a piece of sushi for Halloween! TOO FUNNY!! In Japan you can buy those dim sum erasers at the 100 yen store (like our dollar stores but way better). I bought my brother a set of Japanese food ones. I love that felt food, way cute! GET BETTER KITCHENS!!!


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