Thursday, March 12, 2009

Draper Temple Open House

On the way down from great grandma's house, we met my parents for the Draper LDS Temple open house. Prior to the temple being dedicated, any one who is interested in taking a walk through tour of the temple is welcome. Once the temple is dedicated only worthy LDS members 12 years old and up have the opportunity to enter the temple so we were very excited to give Aedan the chance to be able to go inside. He has asked to go to the temple in the past and he was excited for the chance to go.

The highlight of the day was the bus ride from where we parked to the temple entrance.

He also liked the tents and tunnels to get to and from the temple (they were provided to keep the guests out of the weather). Here he is with grandma and grandpa W.

Sadly, the way they had the system set up to transport all of the guests did not provide a good opportunity for us to see the outside of the temple. So when we got back to the car, Aedan and I drove up to the temple and got our picture. Aedan looks especially enthused here...

It was a beautiful temple inside and out and we were glad for the chance to go!


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