Monday, March 16, 2009

Everybody loves a good rebel

Aedan has become his uncle S's littlest fan - Aedan has been talking about him nonstop lately. Aside from uncle S's natural coolness, he has a mini motorbike and he plays guitar, instant winners in Aedan's mind. So here is Lil' Cool on the "baby motorcycle" and pics of him playing some of his favorite instruments.

Grandma introduces Aedan to the baby motorcycle which has been collecting dust in their basement. Apparently these things are illegal - uncle S was gifted this from a former employer. I have been told it runs on a lawn mower engine and that it is really loud once it gets going.

Aedan is loving all the attention from Uncle S!

We had a chance to see Uncle S play with a band for his ward talent show. It was loud but it didn't scare Aedan away - I could tell he was planning on asking his uncle to let him play with the instruments...

I've thought for a long time that if Aedan were to choose an instrument to play it would be anything percussion. He really has a good sense of rhythm already :)

And here is a video of Aedan explaining the ins and outs of the baby motorbike...


  1. Aedan look cool with the motorbike!

  2. SOOOOOOO cool!
    My kids would love Uncle S too...what little boy wouldn't. Glad Aedan has him...and you too.


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