Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day!


I know we wont be here for very long but I couldn’t resist planting a couple things that could be used right away.  Parsley, two lettuces, arugula, and basil. We have yet another hearty return of the monster chive plant and the oregano is peeking up too.  Those in the background are just our irises. 


Last week we had Aedan’s little preschool group over to our place and we had a lesson on rain.  I showed them how to plant some seeds, in this case green beans, and how to water and care for them.  The green beans sprout so quickly that I figured it’d be perfect for their attention span.  Aedan has been VERY excited about his plant and has been taking very good care of it.  We recycled the cups leftover from our cheap Easter egg dye kit to hold the plant and it turns out it was a brilliant idea – we can see the roots underground and there is more for him to look at. 


I love Spring!


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