Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Blue or Pink?

I realize I haven’t given much of an update on how life is going for myself lately but in case you missed the announcement a while back, we are expecting a baby, gender to be known this Friday actually.  I suppose I haven’t talked about it much because the only times when I am thinking about this pregnancy are when I am not feeling good and who wants to blog about that?  I also am finding out that I don’t seem to keep track of my pregnancy progress like before – I couldn’t tell you what week I am in now (okay so I think I’m about 5 months by now).  Oh well!


So here’s the facts:

  1. No, I don’t have a preference on gender.  I really don’t.  Neal says it is a girl and Aedan insists that it is a boy about 95% of the time.  Sometimes Aedan gets mad at me for suggesting that he will have a sister.
  2. Read into this all you want but this pregnancy is going very differently than my pregnancy with Aedan.  With Aedan, I had no sickness, no overheating, no cravings, minimal pain until the swelling began in the last trimester.  I’ve had mild evening sickness, strange aversions to certain foods like meat and Chinese food (go figure) and have lost my drive to cook, I crave things like cereal and veggies and fruit, I am growing in spurts instead of gradually which makes for a few uncomfortable days, I have hardly gained any weight, and I have mostly been very cold (temperature-wise, not my mood) until fairly recently.
  3. I had good skin and stopped shedding when I was pregnant with Aedan.  Totally opposite now.  Arrgghh.
  4. Unless they change the due date after my ultrasound this week, I am due towards the end of September. 
  5. I am not looking forward to finding a swimsuit.
  6. There is a good chance that we won’t deliver the baby here and that I will be having to deal with a big move in my last couple months of pregnancy.
  7. I have been having a hard time sleeping on some nights.  Just plain can’t sleep, so if any of you my neighbors see lights on in the middle of the night it is just me.  Probably having a bowl of cereal to pass the time…
  8. Some have asked this, Aedan and the baby will be 3 yrs apart.  I’ve started selling some of Aedan’s baby clothes because even if it is a boy they will be off in seasons and I don’t feel the need to hang on to them for many more years.
  9. We have had a name for a girl for ages.  Boy names are very hard for us.
  10. Luckily we got Aedan potty trained so I have less bending over to do for the time being.

Of all the things I miss my drive to cook most.  That is such a big part of me and it is weird to have aversions to even reading a cookbook or looking at my favorite food blogs.  I still cook, don’t get me wrong, but it is mostly done out of necessity and there is rarely a day when I do it for pure fun.  I have had some major cooking events to get past so far in this pregnancy and it was quite a struggle.

I find it ironic that in my current moments of “weakness” I have been asked to not only keep my Stake Music calling, but to help with planning and preparing food for Youth Conference in June AND I just got called to serve as a Nursery Teacher.  I am excited for these but the timing seems WAAAAY off.  Hopefully I can do an okay job!

imageTo announce the gender of our firstborn we told people we would dress in blue for boy or pink for girl when we went into work that day.  People seemed to get really excited about this.  I was working fulltime and Neal was in the same place he is now although he also had early morning seminary to teach and so he had to make sure he had a blue or pink tie. 


We’ll just have to post our pictures for you on Friday!  I can’t wait to find out gender, if anything I can at least start planning!


  1. For losing your drive to cook, you certainly did some fantastic cooking for the gold and green ball and the baby shower. (a big THANK YOU, once again) Always giving everything all you've got, huh? Hope you can find the time to relax somewhere in all of the upcoming obligations.

  2. Excited to find out if it's blue or pink!! Christin's due date is TOMORROW & we're WAY excited!!!!

  3. Jackie, you look really beautiful. I am so excited for you.

  4. You look so cute pregnant! I'm glad I got to see you for a little while you were in town. I miss Aedan too! Congrats on having a girl, that will be so fun!


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