Tuesday, May 19, 2009

It’s the greatest irony – smart people wearing stupid hats

IMG_4974Last weekend Aedan and I took a quick trip to Michigan for my brother O’s graduation from the University of Michigan’s Law School.  I was very surprised at how entertaining his graduation events were – I wasn’t sure if I was there with a sea of law graduates or at a comedy show or both.  I guess with all the lawyer jokes out there I kind of thought that the actual lawyers couldn’t be so humorous themselves but they proved me wrong ;)
IMG_4972 We are all very proud of my brother and his family for this accomplishment and now we all are proud to finally be able to say, we have a lawyer in the family.
We were literally showered with gifts from my brother’s family – they are too good to us.  Aedan was given a handsome outfit to match his cousin I’s outfit and it was so fun to see them dressed alike.  Aedan LOVED his cousin “puz he’s cute” (because he’s cute) and it was fun to see Isaiah following Aedan around. 
IMG_4959Aedan sure loved having a little bit of time with grandma and grandpa too.  He is always so at ease with his grandparents, no initial moments of shyness with them at all.  Graduation fell on Mother’s Day weekend and we were glad to spend some time with my wonderful mom/Aedan’s fun grandma! 
IMG_4970 Congrats to my brother O!  Go sue the pants off of everyone now…. he will be moving to the DC area for a job at a fancy firm sometime in the Fall. We are so proud of him!
BTW I like the hat, better than the stiff ones anyway – the title was a quote from a graduation card I got when graduating from high school and I think it is so true…


  1. Thanks Jackie! I especially appreciate the vote of confidence on the hat. It has proven a controversial choice.

  2. What great news! Hooray for graduates. :)


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