Sunday, May 31, 2009

Mini Golf and Sugar People

IMG_5045 Lately Aedan has taken an interest in golfing.  He has gone out with Neal a couple times to the driving range and now that the miniature golf courses are opening up we have had a blast putting around with him.  When we were visiting Neal’s parents a week ago we went out miniature golfing as a group.  Aedan likes to hit the ball once (or twice or how ever many times it takes for him to actually hit it) for the long distance and then he will go pick the ball up and place it on  the edge of the hole so that he can hit it in.  As simple as it sounds he rarely made the par 2 you would expect him to.  It was fun to play with grandma and grandpa!

 IMG_5048   IMG_5053

After our golf outing with the grandparents we stopped at a grocery store and in the candy isle grandpa was reading out some candy names and Aedan started cracking up when he came upon Sugar Babies.  image For some reason that name was the joke of the year in his mind.  And then we had to explain that there were also Sugar Daddies.  That was just too much for him.  So then he went on to assume that there were also Sugar Grandmas and Sugar Grandpas and Sugar Mommies…  funny kid!  So we bought some Sugar Babies and ate them up in between giggles…


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