Sunday, May 31, 2009

See you in St. Louis

IMG_5041Last weekend we were able to take a very quick trip to visit Neal’s parents and to attend the St. Louis temple.  Neal’s parents were working in the temple Saturday morning and so Neal and I had to take turns watching Aedan so we could each attend the temple.  I went out with Neal’s parents who had to be there early to open the temple for the workers which left me about 40ish minutes to sleep in the backseat of their car until the temple was open to the public.  I somehow managed that in my pregnant state but I wouldn’t recommend it.  However I was very glad to have the chance to attend the temple so early in the morning.  Even if it means losing a few hours sleep, I must say there is something special about being in the house of God in the early hours of the morning when everything inside and outside seems to be waking up.  I am not a morning person but I think I could be if I had the temple to wake up to every morning. 

IMG_5044I enjoyed my time with Aedan afterwards – I wanted to take him to the St. Louis Zoo and even though I knew it would be packed on a Saturday and on Memorial Day weekend on top of that, I still wanted to make it happen.  We managed to somehow find a parking spot (a miracle) and we squeezed our way into the front gates.  Aedan of course had to have a train ride and after waiting in line for ages we boarded our train and rather than getting off only to jump back into another long line, we stayed on, watching the animals from a moving distance.  Then it was time to leave and meet up with Neal.  We had no time for anything else and some would be a little bummed at such an anti-climatic trip to the zoo but Aedan and I had so much fun.  Oh the things I will do to see that little smile on his face! 

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  1. Sounds like fun, we are hoping to make it there sometime this summer. I know Clarissa would just love it.


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