Sunday, May 31, 2009

Thanks a lot, kid.


Aedan to me: “You’re my best mommy!”


After a long wait to find a restroom, Aedan and I arrived at a store only to find we had to hike clear across the store to get to the restrooms.  Aedan started slowing down and afraid that he might have an accident, I picked him up to hurry things up a bit. 

“Can you hold it just a little bit longer?” I asked.

“Ya mommy, I won’t pee on you”


Me: “Aedan what did you do in Nursery today?”

Aedan: “I know (I don’t know).  Puz I hit (Because I hit)”

Me: “Oh no!  Instead of something bad can you tell me something good you did today?”

Aedan: “I said ‘sorry’”



  1. Aedan is so cute!!!
    How are you? How's your pregnancy?
    today, I will have a doctor's appointment. My doctor will check to see if I need to induce...since I am close to 41 week

  2. "I won't pee on you." He's so thoughtful! I love when you share "Aedan-isms"!


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