Tuesday, June 2, 2009

We are living in a material world


and I am a material…. boy.  Yes, he is wearing my heels and one knee high hose.  He did this all by himself I swear.   


He screamed when he couldn’t get the hose on (maybe picked that up from me…)  and now that he has them where he wants them he is content.  I better not leave any other articles of womanly clothing lying around…


Speaking of which, I scored at two yard sales this weekend and came away with a TON of girl clothes for our little baby coming soon.  I really packed it in that tub there so you can’t get a good feel for how much I got but let us just say that there are 120+ items of clothing altogether, most if not all are high end name brand stuff only worn once or twice (so they tell me but from the looks of it I believe them).  Most I’m keeping and others I’m reselling at a fall kids consignment sale (is it bad to think of profiting from other people’s stuff?).  Never before has there been so much pink/purple in this house! I think I’m set for a year and a half.  I LOVE the yard sales here :)


  1. Score! I love those girl clothes and little girl shoes. Congrats :) Okay so Aedan seriously is too adorable. I love that he put on your nylons.

  2. He's too funny! And no, nothing to be ashamed of in profiting from others' stuff. They are trying to get rid of it, remember! We bought a microwave from a girl in the ward that was moving for 8$. Tony sold ours on craigslist for 10$. Ours was over 20 years old! And I'm sure we'll sell the 8$ one when we redo our kitchen (someday!) :)

  3. Oh, that Aedan! Too funny. Yay for yard sales--I wish we had better ones out here! You really scored with the girl clothes. Good job!

  4. The slip on sandals are the best. What a crack up he is :)


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