Thursday, July 30, 2009

Hello, blog. Long time no see…

Ya, it’s been a while.  I suppose I am overdue for an update…


To start, I am still pregnant although I have a little over 6 weeks to go until my due date.  I feel like I am slowing down big time.  Or maybe Aedan is just speeding up.  Or both.  Sigh…

Aedan summed things up quite nicely when after a hearty lunch he looks at me and says, “Whoa, mommy, you are full!  Full of baby!”  I feel big and I believe I am roughly the same size as I was with Aedan full term but probably a good 30 lbs lighter as I have not had to deal with nearly as much swelling this go around.  Yikes.  I was really swollen then.  That doesn’t mean I don’t have swelling now, I definitely feel it but I think what has helped this go around is that I am not sitting at a desk all day like before.  Chasing around a toddler while pregnant can actually have its benefits. 

022All of us at a luau reception for some good friends we met ages ago in Neal’s department. 

We finally figured out that we will be living here at least until the end of the year so now I know that we will have the baby here and we can plan a little better now.  As always there is lots to do and little time to do it in but I don’t feel stressed about it yet! 

I’ve had a lot of little things occupy my time as of late.  One being that I started taking an online Photoshop/digi scrap class a couple weeks back to help me learn some fun things on our Photoshop CS4 Neal got us for an anniversary gift.  I still need to finish the course but have learned a great deal already.  I’ll be sharing my assignments soon and will eventually update this blog layout… For now you will have to forgive my drag and drop directly into blog as I am taking a break from photo editing (details yet to come…)


The ‘before’ shot plus some lovely pregnancy belly stains on my shirt (SO unavoidable)

I finally got my hair cut.  Most may not know this but my hair was really long only the weather + pregnancy made it necessary to wear it up all the time.  I donated 11 inches of it to Locks of Love and lest you think I’m a saint or something, I will say that I did not set out to donate it but once it got to a certain length I figured why not let it grow some more and then put it to some use.  It wasn’t traumatic for me at all, probably because I was well past the point of wanting relief from the heat and headaches from all that hair.  I’m glad I did it though.

117The new me, probably a couple pounds lighter too 

Things that make me happy at this moment in my life:  ‘reserved for expectant mothers’ parking spaces and bathroom stalls that swing outward.  Oh and Crocs too, wow they help with the back and feet pain big time.  Life’s little pleasures…


  1. So glad to see you here again. Because I couldn't remember your due date I was expecting an infant photo of the new "Kitchen Addition." I will wait.

    How well I remember swelling and being "full of baby." I had Spencer in Sept IN UTAH and swelled enough to have pre-eclampsia...early out for him. I figure it was the high altitude since it happened with none other ... AND I felt the same varicose vein pain when I went there pregnant with Cody.

    Anyhow...glad to see you back and glad you will be here a bit Illinois, that is.

    Can't wait to see the new "Kitchen Addition."

  2. You can do it, you can do it, you can do it. Those last 6 weeks are BLAH!!! But you can do it!!!!
    Your hair looks great.
    Best of luck when the new baby comes.

  3. Where are you taking the class? I need to take one desperately!

  4. I love your hair! So cute! Hang in there--you can make it! Love you!

  5. Jackie, Your hair is cute...great that you had enough to give away!! What a great cause!! Hang in there these last few weeks...we're excited to hear the news!!!

  6. Your hair is darling! It looks great on you! Hang in there with the pregnancy. I hate the last few weeks. There is so much to do...but not enough energy to do it!

  7. You are absolutly gorgeous! I love your hair!!!!


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