Sunday, August 2, 2009

Adventures with Aedan, Apples, and Animals

057One of Aedan’s favorite places to hang out finally opened last week –Curtis Orchard, or rather, “the apple farm”.  We went on opening day and he was giggling with excitement.  The orchard carries a Wizard of Oz theme although he really doesn’t get it but it is still fun for him.  He wondered why I obsessed over this yellow brick road though… if only I had a little girl with me all dressed up in ruby slippers!  Would make for a fun picture.


054 What is the big deal, mommy?


047 048

We can never go without buying some apple cider and apple donuts.  Oh sure their apples are great but it is still early for that.  It is so fun that he is remembering this tradition though.



We’ve also been frequenting Prairie Farm with their little petting zoo.  He gets braver every time we go.


010 What a little comedian…



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  1. When did that boy grow up? Seriously...he looks so old in all these pictures!!!


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