Tuesday, August 25, 2009

More cousin fun

We’ve had a lot of visitors as of late.  Earlier this month we had our sil L from South Carolina and a couple of her kids stay with us for almost a week.  This was shortly after the big birthday party for Neal’s dad so we had about 2 weeks of lots of people in cramped quarters and it was very obvious that it was a big stress to Aedan but we survived.  Aedan got so used to having cousins around all day everyday that it was also a bit of a shock to be without them and he kept asking when they would play again. 


Even with all the time we spent together, uncle Neal was still a novelty.

008 We looked for anything and everything we could take these kids to and turns out there is not a lot going on around here so we had to be creative.  We took the kids to a free carnival + food event hosted by some local church of some other faith (pretty sad that I don’t remember which though). 


Free can be very fun sometimes.

016 Fun enough to share.


We also took a trip to a local apple orchard and polished off a dozen plus apple donuts and a gallon of fresh cider.  Ahhh… I love fall food…

We also went to Lincoln’s New Salem State Park, a mini Nauvoo if you will, minus religious aspect of course.018022


Sure is nice to have visitors, otherwise we would just stay at home :D


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