Tuesday, August 25, 2009

More family, more fun

Our second set of visitors this month was my dear ol’ ma and pa (I sure hope I don’t get in trouble for saying it like that…).  Unfortunately they won’t be able to be here when the baby is born as they both work full-time, go on frequent business trips, and/or take classes that start up next week.  But we were lucky enough to have them here for a short while.  IMG_7053 Aedan loved all the attention he received from grandma and grandpa.


And he couldn’t wait to take them to all of his favorite places.


Even if they were a little bit cheesy…


A new one for us was the Chanute Aerospace Museum which proudly claims to be the largest airplane museum in the whole state of Illinois.  Why oh why haven’t we checked it out sooner?

IMG_7070Luckily in the hanger big aircraft makes a pregnant woman look a little bit smaller…


 IMG_7080IMG_7087 Okay maybe the big planes don’t make me look less swollen…


The people working there were amazed that my 3 yr old even knew what a biplane was.  They obviously don’t know how a little boy’s mind works… at least this little boy.  I can even ask him what P-L-A-N-E spells and he knows it, which is apparently cooler to know than to know when I spell A-E-D-A-N.  IMG_7093 


If it weren’t for my dad and for the fact that it was his birthday, we probably would have never ventured out to a bluegrass festival in an Amish amusement park. IMG_7130The music was fun but someone thought the playground was,… um.. funner.IMG_7139Aedan sure knows how to sucker us into buying things for him, especially something that makes him look cuter.


We definitely felt like the youngsters in the crowd for this event.  I actually ran into a friend at this festival who exclaimed, “I didn’t imagine seeing you here!” to which I replied, “I didn’t imagine seeing anyone I know here!”  013Has it really been 3 years since he planted his little patootie on this rocking chair?IMG_0314

My how time flies!

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  1. Looks like fun! I love the last 2 pictures of Aedan in that rocking chair. It makes you realize how fast these little kiddos grow up!


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