Saturday, January 9, 2010

Day 6 Lily comes home!

The other day when the nurses were changing shifts and coming in to meet us, I was in the middle of fixing up Lily's bed just right to prop her up and I was going about fixing some of the wiring on and around Lily. The new RN was watching me and I barely heard her whisper to the other nurse asking if i was a nurse. The other lady just laughed and said I was a hospital pro which means it was time we should go home. Man, if the staff mistakes you for staff you know you've been there too long....,
I am not even close to being able to do what they do but I'm glad they were willing to let me help and were even willing to teach me a thing or two. For the most part everyone has been very helpful at the hospital. I am so grateful.
This morning I awoke to a different doctor and a few nurses in the room. The doctor is someone we know from our old ward before we split and something about seeing a familiar face in there made me feel comforted. He told me Lily was doing well and that he thought she could go home today.
We got her completely off the oxygen and then slowly and one by one all of the tubes and IVs and monitors came off. She was so excited about that and was kicking and moving around like crazy. You could tell she was super excited because she even smiled while they suctioned out her nose, funny girl.
Lily was released around 2 or 3 pm and we are home! We are thrilled as you can imagine! We are all still sick and with rsv I imagine we will feel the effects for quite a while but it sure feels nice to be together again.


  1. Yeah for you guys. Always better to be together. get well soon, tho....I'll be praying for you

  2. YAY!!! That's great news!

  3. what a relief! I'm so glad that she's home!

  4. Oh, wow. I hadn't realized Lilly was in the hospital. Haven't been reading blogs lately. That had to be so difficult! So glad she's home!

  5. What an ordeal for you, Jackie. I'm so glad your little sweetie is home now, and I hope you all get some rest and recovery time in. You have got to be exhausted!


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