Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Great Debate

We get very different opinions when it comes to whether Lily looks like Aedan.  Their growth charts are practically identical: long and heavy for their age group.  But everything else?  You be the judge:

118 Lily age 6 months

 IMG_0564Aedan age 4 months


IMG_0695Aedan 6 months 

113Lily 6 months





  1. Come to Hong Kong Next Chinese New New, and I will preserve a big Lei Sei to them

  2. I think they look like siblings, and look more alike now than they do at their respective ages.

    Lily has more feminine features, bigger eyes, less cheeks.

    We have the same issue with Roman and Marisa. They definitely have their differences but look more like siblings than Roman and Ezra.

  3. I'm torn. They look similar, but definately have their own looks. They are both super cute!!!

  4. They definitely look like brother and sister, but their eye shape is different. They are both absolutely gorgeous!

  5. OH MY! I forgot what Aedan looked like as a baby! THOSE CHEEKS!!!!!!!


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