Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Since we last met…

Well hi there!  I know it has been ages since I last posted.  I dunno, lots of stuff happened but not much to report ;)  I’ll eventually get around to an update but today my little Lily reached the 6 month mark and I just now realized that I never wrote out her birth story.  For shame!  I realize birthing stories may not appeal to some or most but just know I need to write this down and you are more than welcome to just view the pretty pictures…. 


You may or may not recall that I was a week overdue with Lily and we set our induction date, planning (not by my design) to wake up at 5am to make a call to ensure there was room for us in the hospital.  There was and we showed up at 6am ready to get things going.  Since this was my second time going in to be induced, I haven’t had the “privilege” of rushing in while in labor so my experience going in is very laid back, I get a good night’s sleep prior to coming in, etc.  Well, things generally go a little slow to start because, hey, what is the rush for them right?I don’t think we got on pitocin until 9am.  That was just 3 hours of sitting and paperwork and, well nothing much.  They got me started on a low dose (hallelujah) and gradually worked me up and meanwhile my water breaks and I finish reading a book that I was meaning to finish before the baby came.  Contractions became more painful once the water broke and I planned on getting an epidural because other than the fact that I am a wimp I knew that with Aedan things didn’t really progress until I caved and got an epidural and then things went faster.  So as soon as I dialated to a 4 I was ready for that epidural. 


You’d have to ask Neal but I feel like I did better pre-epidural this go ‘round.  Sure I was in labor for a shorter period (got the epidural 12:30ish) of time before getting it and I knew what to expect.  But can I say I LOVED the epidural just as much. I would have been a terrible pioneer lady.  I’m okay with that. ;)

Well, here is the crazy part about her birth story.  Neal was on the phone with his mom giving updates and since I was still a 4 and just got the epidural and just got checked by a nurse who said it’ll be a while before things start happening, Neal was relaying the message that it looks like we’ll be in labor for a while longer.


My OB told me to turn and lay on my side to see if that helps things move along.  So I turned once and while Neal was still on the phone I had one contraction and my jaw just dropped.  Even with the epidural it felt HUGE.  I told Neal that I thought something odd just happened and whoa nelly my comfort level dropped a ton.  Our nurse came in with another nurse who was there to do who knows what and she just happened to need to check me and she was shocked that I went from dialated at a 4 to a 10 in one contraction! It is insane to think that my body could do something like that so quickly and it was the weirdest sensation. 

Well seeing as the OB was just there and thought we had a while left, she went off to do a C-Section.  So I had to wait and they had to tell her to hurry up and she finally came and three pushes later and we had our little baby, 2:30 pm.  The delivery experience was so much better as the epidural wasn’t too strong so that I wasn’t completely numb like I was with Aedan.  Absolutely wonderful! 


That little Lily was so bright eyed and a beautiful sight to see!  She was such a lamb and wow, I still can’t believe that she was able to smile a couple times before we even left the hospital.  That was surely a sign of what was to come because she really is a happy baby and is quick to smile for us.   We love our little Lily and are loving each passing moment we have with her!   


  1. She is such a cutie! And, I love birth stories! So fun!

  2. Thanks for sharing! You have cute kids.


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