Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Aedan’s LEGO Birthday

103I know my posts are all out of order but so is my mind…

There once was a boy obsessed with Legos and a mother who was a little too eager to get away from chores….


This little boy decided ages ago that he wanted a Lego birthday party.  The possibilities were endless - apparently a lot of boys are obsessed with Legos who also have moms who want to avoid housework, and of course blasted the internet with their cool ideas.  This little boy and his mom planned and prepared for this party with great care.  The first creation that came out of their craftiness was Lego minifigure crayons, made by recycling old stubby crayons lying in wait for their second life.

Next came home made Kool-Aid Play dough stamped with love.


A banner to deck the halls was made.  Candy Lego bricks were made to top the not-so-homemade cupcakes (cop out, yes, but not entirely ashamed).


A Lego brick shaped piñata was made from scrap cardboard, newspaper, and crepe paper.  Sadly a final product shot was not taken but the reader has to have room for imagination, right?


The party was staged.



The beverages were dressed for the event.


The boy had fun adding some personal touches to the decor.



The party was packed with smiles galore.  And goodies too.


Games entertained even the princess of the party.  Gifts were well received to say the least.



A couple months past 5 now, but Happy Birthday little man!  Looking forward to many more (Lego or not)!


  1. I love your updates. Aedan is such a cute kid! We got your new pics in the mail as well. Lily melted our hearts. My kids were even joining in the "Ahhhhh"s. =)

  2. This is totally awesome, Jackie! I bet he'll always remember such a cool Lego party! Your ideas are inspiring.


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