Sunday, August 28, 2011

Back to School


Entering the big Kindergarten year.  We have had a rocky start to our year when they assigned Aedan to an ESL class and then had to hire another teacher the day before class to accommodate all the kids they tried to put in ESL but didn’t belong.  Sigh.  


But we got things situated just in time for him to have a first day of school with everyone else. 


I had mixed feelings about it but he is taking the bus to school.  The first day we got him on and then met him at school to help him into his class.


His teacher (the new hire) is Mr. Brown, incidentally was the former ESL teacher.  The day before class started he still had the alphabet up in Spanish and Aedan said, “Hey mom!  Cheese doesn’t start with a ‘Q’"!”


It has been a week and a half since his first day and all seems to be going well.  He is half day but they do school lunch there and everything so it has been nice.  Lily and I have loved having some girl time but she will occasionally go around the house saying, “Aedan! Where are you?” so I know she misses him.


So fun to be growing up!


  1. Oh! A very smart and Handsome boy!

  2. Can't believe our Aiden/Aedan's are Kindergarteners! Where has the time gone?

  3. Yep - he's pretty darn cute! Big step in your family :)

  4. Adorable! That's awesome he gets lunch with the 1/2 day program! Schweet. Asher would LOVE that. Heck, I would love that.


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