Friday, August 19, 2011


I was a coach.

Yes, it is hard to believe.

I never imagined that statement would come from me.  EVER. I mean I like to play sports but was never any good to actually play on any team outside of church ball.  Besides, being married to Neal who is Mr. UberSportsGuy, I would be more of a bench warmer.

So,…. ya.

I was a coach.

Of Aedan’s Tball team.  Actually co-coach or maybe more of an assistant coach.  Whatever.  Aedan’s friend’s mom roped me into it and I must say it is a very fun/frustrating/exhausting/silly job. 

And I’ve actually learned some things.

It is true.


1) Sometimes it is the ones who throw well that you have to watch out for (as in balls whizzing past my ear)

2) Kids like to eat their gloves.  Gross.

3) 3 innings is an eternity.

4) Kids want to throw the ball with their gloved hand.  Makes no sense.

5) Some kids want to run along ALL of the lines drawn out on the field before going to 1st base. 

6) Being a coach and forgetting to show up for team pics is SUPER lame.

7) In a single run, a kid will hit the ball, run to catch the ball they hit, and then run to 1st base to hand it to the other team’s 1st baseman.

8) Being an outfielder in Tball is a bummer.

9) If you are a baseman it is a job requirement apparently to be chatty with the other team.

10) Even though he is ok at Tball, I think Aedan is in it for the social aspect. 


Oh what fun!  Overall, I am glad I did it and I am having a blast!


I think I was the team cheer leader.



Congrats for making it through buddy!  We are now in soccer season so updates on that later!


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