Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

People have been anxious to see what we are wearing for Halloween this year.  Well sorry to disappoint but nothing new.  This week I am 16 weeks into pregnancy and, well, I only have one costume that I could easily fit into.


Flattering I know.  Aside from a TON of ironing out wrinkles, I had to make a new costume for Aedan.  Lily does not like dressing up at all and it was a fight to get her costume on.  No way was she going to let us do hair or makeup.  She was a little scared of me once I blew up and has been concerned that I need to wash my face every day to keep the blue away. 


And other misc Halloween fun.  Scary Monster pancakes at IHOP,


and pumpkin carving with the missionaries.



  1. Love it! Love the pumpkins! I maintain, Neal is one of the best Willy Wonkas ever. It's a role well worth repeating. Your costume is hilarious and Aedan and Lily-cakes were adorable Ompa-loompas (sp?). Well worth repeating.

  2. I still love those costumes!! Amazing that you figured out how to do yours in the first place - may as well get extra use out of it :)

  3. We loved the pictures! We miss you!

  4. Costumes are still cute even the 2nd time around. When you put that much work into it they deserve to be seen again! Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween....


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