Thursday, October 27, 2011

Just can’t end the year without a trip to the hospital


When Fall hits here this poor guy has bad allergies.  He has a snort that drives me up the wall and a throat clearing noise to match.  He gets itchy eyes and half the time he looks like he is just plain miserable. 

We have tried every over the counter allergy medicine available and then some prescription to no avail.  We have had several doctor visits including a visit to the allergist to test for reactions to various inhalant allergens and it all came back negative.  The allergist claimed it was probably just “a phase”.  Ya, a reoccuring phase that happens at specific times of the year.  She claimed probably most of it was just “in his head”.  I may not be a medical professional but, really? I don’t think so.

Which leads me to this week.  Monday he caught the croup and I believe the combination with the allergies caused his airways to swell up to the point that we had to take him to the ER to help him breathe.  It wasn’t until they gave him some steroids to reduce some swelling that he started to have an easier time inhaling. 

He was admitted to pediatrics overnight until they could get his breathing more stable.  I spent the night with him and by the morning he was much better and having a great time in the hospital.  “Mom, I really like this place.”  I don’t think he remembers everything that went on. Probably best.

He was released Tuesday and we’ve been home in our own infirmary.  Lily and I have caught the bug too.  Hopefully we can all get better in time for Halloween fun this weekend!


  1. Oh! poor Aedan. Hopes he will get well soon!

  2. Hope you all feel better soon!

  3. so sad! I hope you can find a cure for those nasty allergies. And that you all can get better soon.

  4. Oh, no! I hope you get the allergy thing figured out. :-/ Maybe it's asthma? Stick to your instincts on trying to resolve it. "In his head" is utterly idiotic and how you didn't slap the allergist to bring her back to reality is a wonder.

    I'm glad he liked the hospital. :) My kids once said the dentist was better than Six Flags... kids.

  5. Give Aedan a great big hug from us! We hope you all get feeling better again soon!! Abram broke his foot last Monday and seems thrilled to have a cast on it. I think sometimes kids need some change and excitement in their lives just like we do... even if it comes in the form of hospitals and casts. =)

  6. Oh no! The poor thing! The same thing happened with my asthma. I was diagnosed with athletic-induced asthma, but not every athletic thing sets it off. The doctors could never figure out what triggered it & why. Sometimes I could run a mile just fine & other times, I couldn't. We tested me for anything & everything, but there was no rhyme or reason to it. Luckily, I've outgrown it a lot. Hopefully, the same thing will happen with Aedan!

  7. Oh scary! But how funny that he's gotten to the point where he thinks the hospital is a fun place to be. That is kind of cute. My kids love coming her to see me because they think the TV is fun and they like the ice. Kids crack me up :)


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