Wednesday, April 4, 2012

April Come She Will

I hope. Two weeks till due date. All signs so far point to going the full term and then some. Blah.

I want to get back into blogging more often, but as with many other things going on in my life now, my mind just screams, “blah!”

Lily declared Sunday after what was apparently too much general conference in her mind, “No more Jesus!!!” Not so proud mommy moment there…

Neal has been out of town a lot and is currently in Chicago.  Luckily we have him for Easter but because he was gone on big family food holidays like Chinese New Year and April Fools Day (yes they are big food days here) my motivation to make anything festive was non-existent.  It’s ok since I’m so tired but Aedan was bummed I wasn’t doing another April Fools Party so we bought and made up 10 boxes of raspberry Jell-O to disguise as drinks to take to our branch potluck in between conference sessions on Sunday.  It was pretty funny as I put some in cups w/straws but also filled a clear pitcher full and put a stack of empty cups next to it.  Not as fun as last year but still got plenty of laughs.

The kids got to participate in a town egg hunt on Saturday.  They were very content to come away with a humble pile of eggs (while mom was irked by the crazed parents present who frantically horded for “helped” their kids to get a insanely massive “good” haul, but I’ll save that gripe for another day) and funny thing, most of Aedan’s eggs had money in it.  He was pretty excited about finding dollar after dollar (seriously, you guys should come next time) and after a while of that he starts shouting very excitedly, “MOM!!! MOM!!! Look at this!! I got TWO little chocolate eggs!!!!!” Apparently he is supposed to use the money to buy his own candy?

And major “blah” is that we haven’t settled on a name for this little gal yet.  Correction, I don’t think we’ve settled on a first  name.  And I hate mentioning candidates to people because sometimes their reactions tend to make me  rethink my choices whereas if I just say “_____ is the name we’ve chosen” people usually don’t have the guts to say anything negative. So feel free to suggest some here but I don’t think I’ll be listing anything for a bit.

And no, April is not on the list although maybe should be given the song...

Hhhmmm…  rereading this, I think I’ve done enough complaining for the day.  Can you tell I need a foot rub? :)


  1. Hang in there, Jackie!! Looking forward to seeing pics of the new little one once she chooses to arrive :)

  2. I feel your pain. We're having middle name block (or rather we don't like each other's choices and Steve is incredibly busy lately. He got another calling last night to top off the other 3 he's currently filling right now and it doesn't help that he's the busiest he's ever been at work. I had a bit of a meltdown last night. We all need our time to complain and hopefully things look better in the morning. If not, there's always chocolate. :)

  3. Are you going to go the flower route like her sister?

    I love you, Jackie! Even pregnant you are the coolest aunt ever. Thanks for the post.

  4. Oh, those Easter eggs hunts where a small handful of older kids manage to stockpile about 3/4s of the candy loot really gets to me too! And it's hard to be on your last weeks of pregnancy without any help. I would totally be in the "blah" phase too!

    I so cannot wait for that sweet little baby to arrive. I'm sure your name choices are already lovely (you have great taste in everything). It seems like the simple, classic names are coming back in style. (Or did they ever go out of style?) I've heard lots of E names lately: Emma, Ella, Eden, Ellie. Anyway, I'm sure you'll make the perfect choice!

  5. Hhmmm... Neal didn't understand where my title comes from. He was wondering if it was a Yoda reference. Surely I'm not the only one who has been exposed to a healthy dose of Simon and Garfunkel?

    Amy not planning to stick with flower names but not ruling it out either.

  6. Good luck in your last few weeks. Okay, here's my name suggestion: Eva, and call her Evie for a nickname. If I were to have another girl, which I'm not since I'll never be pregnant again (YAY!), I would name her Evie. Love it!


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