Sunday, April 22, 2012


Well it's official, my babies all prefer to be fashionably late. The question I just 'love' during pregnancy is "when is your due date?" because I know the date the professionals give me but deep down I know I'll go longer. It is quite a bummer to go past due date BUT I have had plenty of time to get things in order so that's a plus. And I really can't complain because this baby is full term and healthy and not huge :).

I have never gone into labor on my own either. Wish I could. I prefer planning over surprises and I must say knowing ahead of time when i am going to go to the hospital is SO nice. I have an induction scheduled for this Thursday. Last week I had some low fluid levels and almost thought we were going to actually have the baby early by induction but I was able to get enough liquids in me to squash that concern.
Looking forward to a crazy week!

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  1. Waiting, waiting, waiting......

  2. That waiting game is so hard at the end!! It is nice, though, to have a plan and work around it. Wishing all the best for you in the last few days, with prayers and thoughts in favor of it all going smoothly for you.

    P.S. -- you look great!!!

  3. Anxious to hear, hope your week isn't too crazy.

  4. Good luck to you Jack! Maybe you'll go into labor on your own before Thursday anyway. There's always a first for everything right? Can't wait to meet your newest addition.

  5. Congratulation! Welcome Emma :D

  6. I'm assuming that, by now, you've had the baby. Hope everything went smoothly! Let us see pics soon. :)


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