Saturday, March 1, 2008

Word to your mother

Aedan is very willing to try out new words now. I'm sure it is every parent's nightmare to hear their child say something very offensive in public. I'm sure you know where I'm going with this. As a parent you try so hard to shield your kids from the harsh things of the world but that can't last forever. I don't know if Aedan heard someone say it or heard it on tv or if it is just a matter of him trying out words (I've known a few that just happen to say a cuss word in their ramblings by pure chance). All I know is, I didn't teach it to him and neither did Neal.

Aedan and I went out to Utah in January to help prepare for my sister, Charley's wedding. One evening, we all sat down to say a blessing on the food and during the prayer Aedan says 'darn it' (but not darn) and he says it a few times, very calmly during the prayer. After the prayer we were commenting, "Did he say what we thought he said?" and we really didn't react to it at all or gave him any reason to say it again. Well, it continued to happen every time we prayed and he also got into the habit of saying it to the dogs, with the correct tone added mind you. Sigh... We once thought he would only do it in silence (not always the case) or that he was saying something else (nope again). I know he doesn't know what it means but it makes you wonder where he heard it or how he came to know it.

And then he picked up my over-used phrase, "oh goodness" and I know I need to stop saying that but going back to Utah made me realize where I got it from because everyone says it there.

On the upside, he is saying some really fun things now, often times humorous or sweet. When auntie Priscilla and uncle Oliver came to visit last week, Aedan complimented his aunt by saying, "pretty Leella" all on his own. His I love yous can always make me smile and I love how he says triangle (can't quite write out how he says it but it is more like ni nang ngo) and cucumber (cu cu cummer). He helps me sing songs like I Love to See the Temple and Pioneer Children Sang as they Walked.

Now that we are back home, he has grown out of his cuss phrase for the time being. Just don't ask him to say the number 6.

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  1. I don't know how I missed this post, but oh my goodness that is so beyond hilarious!!!! I'll have to watch out for his impressive mouth now in nursery during the prayer :)


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