Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Aedan Talk

Oh! Fick it! - It is supposed to be 'fix' but it is like he takes the 's' off of 'ficks' and no he is not swearing again...

Cute! - He puts his hands on mommy's cheeks and exclaims this. If I tell him he is cute he says 'no!' and insists it is just mom.

I don't want it - he says this so matter-of-factly

Oh! Daddy violin! - I actually pulled out my cello last night

Boop! Boop! - I think this is a combo of Choo Choo and Beep Beep. His trains are making this sound now...

A freight train! A freight train! The shame uh nit! The shame uh nit! (the shame of it)/ Heave ho heave ho - if only you've watched Thomas the Tank Engine movies as much as he does you would save me the trouble of writing this explanation.

Da Ring of Fire! - Neal sings this Johnny Cash song and he actually programmed his ringtone to the first bit of the song.

Hi mommy, ha ha, hi! - if I ever try to fake cry to gain his sympathies, instead I get him trying to make me laugh. He gets in my face and says this over and over until I stop.

Try again!/Good job! - I always hoped my kids would be self-motivated...

Sorry this is all I have today - my mind is in a number of different places. A bunch of things going on at once plus we have a new niece and are waiting to hear the details so hopefully there will be pics soon!


  1. Haha! Too cute! Aedan is at a great age right now! Soooooo much fun!

  2. I love "The shame uh nit!" comment! I have no idea what it means but I think it's funny. OP just grunts right now...can't wait for him to say funny things too, but am not in a big hurry for him to grow up. If that makes any sense at all! Too cute, Jack!

  3. Awww! This makes me miss you guys a whole bunch! Aedan's Thomas quote brought back some memories of Danny singing songs from his Thomas movie. It's crazy how often quotes and songs from kids movies get stuck in your head!


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