Sunday, May 18, 2008

Let's go to the movies...

Let's go see the stars!

We love watching good movies but ever since we've had Aedan we haven't made it out to the theaters very often. We used to be pretty wild about our new movie going experiences - I remember going to the midnight showings of a couple Harry Potter movies with Neal and those are fun because you never know what weirdos will show up. No not us. Everyone else...

So we are down to either waiting until we can rent a movie, or get a babysitter, or our latest twist on the whole movie going experience is going out to a local drive in theater. Oh what memories I have of going to the drive in as a kid! Even in my undergrad days I remember packing up a sofa into the back of a truck to go to the drive in - that was some prime seating we had going on there. In our 80s nite group we got a projector and would watch movies outside sometimes, projecting onto oversized sheets or our garage door.

Things haven't changed a whole lot. Oh sure, now they broadcast the sound through the radio instead of the old days with those massive speakers you attach to your car. But people still bring their baseballs and catchers mitts or Frisbees to toss around in the grassy area in front of the screen to pass the time (pic of Neal and Aedan walking around in the midst of all the preshow action). This place even lets you bring a grill and your can BBQ while you view.

We first heard of this drive in and started attending last year (pic taken June 2007). It was built in the 50s and they like to show a little clip that explains that drive ins are a dying species and where once there were 4000+ drive ins in the U.S. there are now only 400ish left. So sad. Sure the image and sound quality can't compete with the nice stadium seating theaters or the IMAX. But it is cheaper. And the atmosphere is exciting (this drive in even has a carousel where kids ride free!) and Aedan can sleep in the back while we enjoy the movie.

We saw The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian. I liked it OK, not as fun as the first and it felt more Lord of the Ringish but it was very entertaining. But there seems to be some very promising movies on the horizon. I am excited to see this one:

I love Pixar films! My brother is so cool - he was offered a job to work for Pixar and turned it down to work for Weta Digital Ltd in New Zealand, probably to do some fancy work for the Hobbit movies coming up (oh! chills!).

And while I'm at it, I'll throw out an invite to you: I think we might try to see Wall E the following week that it is open. Would you care to join us at the drive in? :) Let us know! We make up a pretty mean batch of popcorn if that makes a difference...


  1. What a fun post! I love that pic of Aedan last year. He was so little :) We love movies, but it seems we only get to them rarely. We're heading on opening night to see Indiana Jones this week, though!

  2. If you ever want to do a movie swap, we're still looking for someone to watch Rowan tomorrow! We're hoping to catch Iron Man, too bad it's not playing at Harvest. I haven't been to a drive inn theatre since I was a kid. That would be a ton of fun!

  3. Actually Iron Man was playing there - they play the new releases for the first two weeks unless something fabulous comes in to boot it out quick. And they will be playing Indiana but I don't think we will try that one with Aedan in the car...

  4. Great! Now that song from "Annie" is in my head! Good times at the drive-in...I wish they hadn't turned the one here into townhouses. Blech! How fun was it to bring the couch along?!

  5. There aren't any drive-ins here, but I remember living close to one a couple of years ago, seeing it, and thinking "wouldn't that be fun?". I can't believe we never went when we had a chance! It sounds like so much fun, and a good alternative for parents with little kids.

  6. So I am way behind on reading this post, but it looks like you guys had such a great time! We would love to go with you to the drive-in sometime. Especially if popcorn is included :)


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