Sunday, October 19, 2008

Birthday Wish!

Happy Birthday sil S! She is a super mom and a fabulous cook although distance prevents us from enjoying her skills as much as we would like. For those of you who are always asking me about who is all in Neal's large-by-most-standards family, she is the wife of Neal's oldest sibling N and mother of five awesome kids. I vaguely remember the time when Neal and I first started dating and Neal left for their house for Thanksgiving and he mentioned all the great food S was cooking up and if I wasn't already jealous because he had left me for the holidays I definitely was after hearing that! It was during our Kitchen Family Christmas 2005 where I felt like I really started to get to know her and her family. We had some good times and we wish we could join them for the upcoming holidays! Happy Birthday S!

Another fun bunch of Kitchens during that great Christmas of 2005! I include the pic with the whole family because I get a kick out of all the "extra" things going on in this picture and it gives me the giggles. Fun kids! Birthday momma on the bottom left.

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