Sunday, October 19, 2008

Fortunate Event #6 - A Lawful Lot

A week ago from today we had a chance to walk around the beautiful campus of University of Michigan and my brother O, who goes to law school there, showed us around some of the law buildings he uses. I don't know how they get much studying done as there is so much to look at! I know it must be a weird idea doing a post on someone else's school but we enjoyed it and thought it was worth remembering.

I love the old building motif. For a second we thought we had walked into Hogwarts. This is their library and study hall.

Another law building has several stained glass windows, each with a small picture depicting each area of law, be it divorce, inheritance, robbery, etc. When looking closely at some of the pictures though, you begin to wonder if they failed to match picture with the correct term. This is a picture of the murder panel but it looks like they are just hunting down a bird in a tree and the picture for larceny had someone stabbing another so I just don't know. Maybe law and art don't always go hand in hand...

The classrooms were just as I would have imagined law school rooms to be but with added modern conveniences of course. Aedan liked roaming around the rooms.

He just might be aspiring to become a judge himself... Check out his first tv judge impersonations right here!


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