Saturday, October 18, 2008

Fortunate Event #5 - Goodbye Stitches!

Yesterday Aedan had his stitches removed. They had to remove seven stitches and Aedan wasn't going to go quietly. We had to force him into a papoose to help hold him still and even then it took 3 of us to keep him steady. Needless to say, we are all glad that it is over! The doctor said that he will scar (she didn't even throw in a probably there) and so between his scar and his darkened tooth he will be quite a looker! Oh, we still think he is a cutie anyway!

This was taken last night. Happy it is all over! We are only one zag away from having that lightening bolt scar though...

And this was taken today. Maybe if I crash into the corner of the bookshelf today it would help... nope, just made me cranky today and added a big bump and cut to my forehead but no more doctor trips for us this week.

This kid is going to have a skull of steel when all is said and done...


  1. My, my, my, when it rains it pours for this kiddo. Poor thing, and I am sure it was harder on you that it was for him. I can totally relate at this age with Bennett, same type of stuff only two black teeth, not something you want the son of a dentist to have. I have to say though, the teeth didn't stay black that long. So here's to hopin!

  2. This has been an adventure, for sure! Ah, little boys! One of my brothers broke like 7 bones before he was 6. Yikes!


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