Monday, October 20, 2008

Birthday Wish!

Happy Birthday cousin/nephew D! This boy is so sweet and from the first time Aedan met him we knew he had a friend in D! I wish we lived closer because D is such a bright kid and I know Aedan would learn a lot from him when it comes to building train tracks!

This picture almost hurts my neck to see it but it is so sweet! This is Aedan's first encounter with his cousin D and he was so fascinated by him! This was taken around Christmas of 2006 and here is D ready to give Aedan his Christmas kiss. Happy Birthday big boy!

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  1. Thanks from Danny!

    He loved the picture with Aedan looking up at him. I have to tell you, too, that he calls a lot of kids Aedan if they have any slight resemblance. He really loves Aedan, and I'm sure they will put together some impressive train tracks the next time they play!


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