Monday, October 20, 2008

Fortunate Event #7 - Greenfield Village

Last Monday we (myself, Aedan, Neal, and my mom) took a day to go to the Henry Ford Museum Complex in Dearborn, MI , first to Greenfield Village and it was a little boys dream come true! For those who've never heard of this place, it is the nation's largest indoor/outdoor history museum complex of what started as Henry Ford's personal collection. My next post will be of the indoor museum itself, too many pictures for one post! We definitely needed more than a day at these places and we definitely needed a stroller but oh well... Here are the highlights in the mind of a two year old:

Aedan was thrilled to meet Trevor (do I really need to explain all of these Thomas the Tank Engine names to you?)

The Mason Bogie is one of the oldest operating steam locomotives in the U.S.
So we took a ride and loved it up until Aedan got scared of the loud noises.

We had to calm ourselves by having lunch. We just had to pick up a hobo lunch for Aedan!
DT&M Roundhouse and turntable where Aedan met several other trains (which we also gave names to among them Mavis and Toby and Old Slow Coach for those of you who know your stuff). There were workers there and one even looked like Sir Topham Hatt and when I told Aedan that was who he was Aedan was in awe. I am loving the little boy stuff!

This was his Gordon.
We would have loved to see the turntable in action. But alas...

Thomas Edison's laboratory stuff. Don't know exactly how it all works but it is certainly impressive!

And they actually give out Model T rides (ours is a 1919)! Aedan is really into Disney Cars stuff and once we told him he can have a ride on a Lizzie car he was sold. We really had fun and the nice old man driving was more than happy to tell us all about everything and anything to do with this little car! I thought it was especially fun that they had only old men driving these vehicles around, whether they are trying to relive the glory days or that is just park policy, I thought it was cute anyway.

It just so happens that I found a Lizzie car when we had to go to get some medicine for Aedan after his ER visit. So we gave him Lizzie as a souvenier and he was so excited about this "grandpa car" and I had to explain to him that Lizzie is a girl and it is a "grandma car". He was a little disappointed because grandpas to him are the ultimate cool. I talked to him about how much fun we had with his grandma riding trains and riding in the Lizzie car and he suddenly realized grandmas are pretty cool too so now she is a "grandma car".


  1. wow. Love the round house. That looks cool. Roman would have loved it at that age too.

  2. Seeing Aedan with his hobo lunch made me laugh! We should have our lunch in a bandana attached to a stick more often!

  3. Wow! You guys have been busy lately (with good & bad things). Glad Aedan is healing up now! And, it's a good thing you went to that apple a day keeps the doctor away (and we all know that you guys DEFINATELY want to keep the doctor away for awhile!)

  4. oh, Danny would have loved to be there with Aedan!


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