Thursday, January 8, 2009

The long of it: Neal's trip to the Hospital

On the first day of the new year we toasted to a year of good health and happiness. Well, not really, no, but we should have because on the second day Neal went to the hospital for his scheduled hernia surgery. It so happens it wasn't exactly a sports hernia like I mentioned earlier. It was probably long in coming and just happened to surface while he was playing raquetball. I can tell he likes sharing this story with people so hopefully he won't mind me posting it ... I hope I get it right.

Neal gets ready for his New Year Hernia Op. 
Many years ago (when he was, what, 11 or 12?) he was out playing "Tarzan" with his twin brother and one of his buddies. They were using a vine to swing across a ravine which was, coincidentally, filled with sharp sticks and twigs. Can you see where this is going? Neal got on the vine and was making good distance when the vine broke and he fell into the ravine. He blacked out for a little bit and woke up to his brother turning him over asking if he was alright. He had received a long gash to the lower ab area and had to go to the doctor to have it stitched up. He likes to brag that within a week later he was running a track race too.

Tarzan's family - this is totally us, minus the little boy (Aedan fits the monkey mold)

He has had the scar ever since and that was exactly where this hernia surfaced and the doctor said it was definitely linked to that old injury. Neal's dad lived with a much smaller, less painful hernia for 20 years which I can not believe someone would want to do that and I'm glad Neal didn't let it go for that long.

Things went well with the surgery although Aedan cried and cried when they wheeled him away shortly after this picture was taken. Neal has been recovering really well and has been getting in more work hours each day this week too. Hardest thing has been keeping Aedan from causing any more damage to Neal as he was trying to rest up at home. He can't figure out why daddy won't play with him.

We love you Neal, King of the Jungle!


  1. So glad to hear it went well. I can totally see Neal doing that! Hope the rest of the year is a hospital free year!

  2. Sounds like my boys when I was on bedrest. I think my Aiden thought I hated him because he would ask me to play & I'd say I couldn't. He'd ask me for a drink & I'd tell him to go ask Connor. I'm sure he was thinking, "My mom would rather lay around all day & watch TV than help me!" Poor kiddo! Good luck to Neal with his recovery!

  3. Hope you feel better soon buddy! I'm glad everything went well. I look forward to getting together again. It's been a while!

  4. Hope you recover quickly.

  5. We hope you get back on the road to playing Tarzan and frisbee soon, Neal! We're glad that things went well. We miss you guys!


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