Friday, April 3, 2009

All Accounts Aedan

I’m going to finish off my oh-so-interesting travel log someday but I needed to write several of these down before I forget them. Here is what our little guy has been saying as of late:

“Lellow” instead of “yellow”

“Puz” instead of “because”

“I’m too skinny” instead of saying “I’m hungry”


dying eggs for Easter already :)


A sign that he has seen too much ‘educational’ tv:

A: “Mommy? Grandpa is ‘cunnah’!”

J: “’Cunnah’ ? What does that mean?”

A: “Cunnah! It’s for Spanish!”

J: “Just because it doesn’t sound like a real word doesn’t mean it is a Spanish word…”


“Oh. My. Gosh!”  This one I am becoming less and less thrilled about.  At first Neal said he learned it from me to which I can sort of see but I’ve tried so hard to stop.  But I am noticing this phrase everywhere – other adults saying it, even kid shows like Super Why say it quite a bit.  It is just so close to OMG and it makes me a little uncomfortable hearing my almost 3 yr old saying that.  Same with ‘shoot’, ‘darn’, or even ‘oh my goodness’ are all substitutes for bad language and unfortunately I am having a hard time thinking of better alternatives.


Walking around BYU campus, he turned a few heads with this one:

J: “Aedan follow Grandma okay?”

A: “Follow the Gwandma! Follow the Gwandma! Follow the Gwandma! Don’t go astray!” (singing to the tune of Follow the Prophet )


The other night at family home evening we gave the Nursery manual lesson on the Prophet in preparation for General Conference this weekend. We were amazed how fast he learned a few first names of the prophets of the Church.

A: “That’s Thomas and that’s Gordon! And Harold!”

N: “Very good!  That’s pretty amazing!”

J: “He only remembers them because they are Thomas the Tank Engine names…”


Whereas not too long ago, we would ask him…

“Aedan who is the prophet?  President…..?”

A: “President OBAMA!!!!”


I overheard him in the other room singing:

“Put your left foot in, put your right foot in….”

only to realize he was trying on a pair of pants by himself (he has had no desire to dress himself until now)


Other than that, he is going through a “Let me do it!” phase and even a “I don’t want to wear a diaper!” phase which may say to some that he is ready for potty training.  We have had no success and many many accidents these past couple days but he likes underwear better than diapers so that is a start.  He can also match up his shoes to the correct foot finally.


He gets scared of  loud noises (he is covering his ears above).  He also has a very sensitive gag reflex and the smell or sight of a poopy diaper or animal doo sets him off sooo easily making it hard to keep him from throwing up.  So the combo of those two flaws will be really interesting once we have another little one in the house.

He has got it sorted out that mommy has a baby in her tummy and that Aedan and daddy do not have a baby in their tummy and that only girls can have babies in their tummies.  I am dreading the day when he may, in public to strangers, make the mistake of pointing to any rounded belly, pregnant or not, and say that there is a baby in there.  We are working on that :)

We don’t find out gender until the end of April but Aedan will be so disappointed if it is not a boy.  He flat out refuses to accept the fact that it could be a girl.  The idea makes him angry.


And lest you think that my little boy is growing up too fast for me, he says this to me today (and often on other days):

“Mommy, I want to snuggle with you”

Love you Aedan!


  1. I LOVE this very fast they grow up! I was reading your post the other day and Jordan/Spencer came down...."That's Aedan!!!!" They said...and proceeded to tell me all the cool things about him.
    And the things kids say...cracks me up every time. Even when they get older they say some pretty funny things. As far as movie lines and such. I totally hear ya! I hear things coming out of their mouths and think, "Do I say that?" I try to do better...but the little memory is far too embedded in some. When I KNOW that I DON'T say it...I worry about the movies they watch. Only they are swear words, or even in place of a swear word...just phrases that don't sound too becoming of little ones.


    We'll just keep plugging onward!

    Congrats on the pregnancy...did I miss a post? When are you due? Sooo exciting. My boys NEVER wanted a girl...until she came, then purple and pink were everywhere. Words like "beautiful" "precious" "adorable" and "cute" came out of their little mouths spontaneously. Wow!


  2. Kai says "oh dosh" for "oh gosh" and he'll say it before I do when I discover something upsetting :)
    So Jackie, WHEN do you find out what you're having??

  3. Aedan is so cute! Did you hear that Bethany and I will be visiting IL at the end of April? Look forward to seeing you guys. While I didn't spot your dad in Gen. Conf. today, I did just see him in the Called to Serve music video on BYUtv! :)

  4. This was so funny! I can't decide which is my favorite--"Follow the Gwandma" or "You put your right leg in". It's a tough call! What a funny kid.

  5. I loved reading his little sayings. He is such a cutie! I can't wait to see you all again.


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