Monday, April 20, 2009

“I must scream it to the world, my excitement from the top of someplace very high!”

Among other things we have worked on getting Aedan toilet trained this past week or so and we are glad to say that he has finally got it!  I was told about the basics of a three day potty training program by a friend and while we didn’t quite get it accomplished in three days it was shortly afterwards.  Hooray!  Our house will be diaper free for a handful of months!IMG_4857

Aedan is officially a “big boy” now.  I had my  doubts about this program – I am told that you basically go cold turkey and deal with a lot of accidents and never leave the house and you are constantly in the kid’s face asking if they need to go and catch them in the act.  Aedan has never been big on incentives or bribes, no item I could offer or reward I could give would motivate him to do what I wanted him to do on a consistent basis.  I felt like I needed to reward him but in the end he really didn’t care.  So he did it because he wanted to and I am very proud of him!


I am not a big fan of taking potty pics of my boy and even less of a fan of sharing them but I had some pics to purge so this will have to do!



  1. Congrats! It is the best when they are potty trained! You will love it!!!

  2. YEAH!!!! It's so nice when they can take care of that part of their life. Marisa is the same way and bribery just plain doesn't work. But I KNOW she gets it. I'm just waiting for the day that she decides she wants to do it.

  3. Hooray for Aedan!! How exciting :)


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