Friday, April 3, 2009

“They’re my favorite”


Aedan has some new favorite friends, cousin D and cousin A (Neal’s brother R’s kids).  I couldn’t believe how quickly he became friends with them.  Cousin D and Aedan have almost identical interests in life – trains, cars, airplanes, etc.  After we saw them the first time Aedan kept saying that they were his favorites and so we couldn’t leave without letting them play again.

  IMG_4831I know without a doubt that cousin D would be Aedan’s best friend if we lived closer.  They just hit if off so well, better than any body else I’ve seen close to his age.  I know Aedan misses him a lot!



I enjoy doing girly things every now and then and I love my princess nieces.  My niece A isn’t too keen on wearing clips and bows in her hair (oh she has the most gorgeous curls!) but she pulled them out to show me and so I tried them all on at once. 

 IMG_4837That was enough to get her to try them all on too apparently.  I love this smile!

Well I don’t have a ton of pictures of the boys playing as they decided it was uncool to have mom hanging around while they had some serious play time (look at that, I embarrass him already :)  But here is a silly video of Aedan, cousin D, cousin A, and eventually uncle R doing nothing but crazy stuff.  For some reason they saw a battery in the trash and started saying “yucky battery” and that gave them the giggles so they kept saying it over and over.  It turned into a full out silly activity which I caught on video.  I sure love these kids!


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