Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Holiday Insights

I have been getting some interesting freebies in the mail lately and was just about to throw away an Oriental Trading 2010 calendar when I noticed something kind of funny.  They have a whole slew of holidays on their calendar that I never knew about. 

How could I have missed the Festival Of Sleep – a good excuse to sleep in - on January 3rd?

Or National Nothing Day on January 16th?  I am such a loser, I actually did something on that day! (some might say I celebrate this day more than once in a year though…)

Others missed: Cuddle Up Day on the 6th, and Make Your Dreams Come True Day on the 13th.  I did remember Martin Luther King, Jr. Day but I admit I wasn’t very festive…

I am determined to not miss any more holidays, what with some very keen ones coming up.  Maybe this will give me something to get motivated to post about and of course, something to look forward to now that Christmas has come and gone…

Here is some upcoming ones to plan for (because I know you will):

  • January 20th National Buttercrunch Day (Woot! Tomorrow!)
  • January 21st National Hugging Day
  • January 23rd Measure Your Feet Day
  • January 25th Opposite Day
  • January 28th National Kazoo Day
  • January 29th National Puzzle Day

We will see how this goes and I will make vague plans to post a celebratory picture and some background info of the holiday.  I’ll also make sure to put up dates ahead of time to allow time to plan.  Speaking of which I gotta find a kazoo…

Here’s to an eventful 2010!!! Feel free to join me!

For more info check out www.holidayinsights.com

At a brief glance I am thoroughly looking forward to Everything You Do is Right Day, No Housework Day, Ask A Stupid Question Day, and National Goof Off Day!


  1. Yay for obscure holidays!!!

  2. Ooooooooooo...no housework day! You'll have to give me the date on that one!


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